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Planet Hum Promo is a Music Marketing and promotion Agency. Professional music consulting team

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Brand Identity

Mostly overlooked by new artist but Brand Identity and brand Strategy is probably the most important thing a artist should have before releasing and promoting a Single. We can help with that

digital Marketing

We can build a detailed roadmap for the artist's marketing strategy to help break through and amplify exposure and engagement.

Video Promotion

Music and lyric videos need proper promotion to get views and engagement. depending on your budget, we can help by running ads to drive traffic to your video and so much more.

Website design

every artist needs a website to help artist connect directly with their fans as well as create better SEO positioning with sharing and creating specialized content on the artist website.

Global Reach

Digital Music Marketing Experts

We are selective in choosing which projects we take on. Please submit your project before any release date is set. 

 We support all genres of music.  We provide unique and targeted methods to promote and market music in today’s changing marketplace, we do this with technology and 30 years of experience in the music business. 

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Showcasing our client releases every month. Please tune in for our Planet Hum Label releases as well as tips and tricks to help artist gain the best knowledge  on how to launch their careers in the music business successfully.

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