Balance announces new compilation with Dave Seaman & Quivver

Balance announces new compilation with Dave Seaman & Quivver

All tracks in this release are exclusive and previously unreleased.

Photo credit: Dave Seaman & Quivver – Official

Balance has enlisted the expertise of Dave Seaman and Quivver to curate their upcoming mix compilation release titled ‘Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver’.

Every track featured in this release is exclusive and has never been released before. The duo has included five collaborative productions, offering a snapshot of Dave Seaman and Quivver’s current musical journeys.

The lead single of the album, ‘Make This Disappear’, showcases Quivver’s seasoned vocals, accompanied by backing vocals from Dave Seaman himself. This marks Seaman’s debut as a vocalist after a career spanning over three decades in the music industry. Another track in this collection is the artist’s previously unreleased remix of Underworld’s ‘Low Burn’. It is finally being released alongside more exclusive tracks from well-known electronic music producers such as Einmusik, Robert Babicz, Gai Barone, Dee Montero, Timo Maas, and Just Her.

Reflecting on the project, Quivver explains, “With the multitude of DJ mixes available online today, we aimed to create something truly exceptional that would stand out and withstand the test of time.”

Dave Seaman adds, “In today’s digital age, much of modern music culture feels disposable. So, when presented with the opportunity to pay homage to the golden age of mix compilations and create a physical product again, we embraced it enthusiastically. The Balance Mix series holds great esteem, and we are honored to contribute to its 20-year history. This project was a labor of love, and we hope it resonates with listeners when they hit play.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver’, launch parties will be held at The Cross in London on Saturday, February 24th, and at Skyline at Radisson Red in Glasgow on Sunday, February 25th. Following these events, the duo will embark on an extensive world tour, bringing their exceptional sounds to audiences worldwide.

Preview ‘Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver’ below and grab your copy here.

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