Beltran and Harvy Valencia debut on Hot Creations with ‘Origins’

Beltran and Harvy Valencia debut on Hot Creations with ‘Origins’

Blending South American diversity with Brazilian funk, dance beats, and touches of hip-hop and grime.

Photo Credit: Beltran / Harvy Valencia – Official

Beltran and Harvy Valencia have made their debut on Hot Creations with their newly released EP entitled ‘Origins’.

The release opens with ‘Origins (3AM Tusi Mix)’, a fusion of bass grooves and drum patterns that highlights South America’s cultural diversity. Beltran’s ‘Tira A Roupa (Putaria Mix)’ combines percussion, bass, and Brazilian funk vocals to create a high-energy dance track. It concludes with Harvy Valencia’s ‘Brut’, a fast-paced track featuring elements of hip-hop and grime.

Beltran and Harvy Valencia, known for their releases on labels such as Cuttin’ Headz, Solid Grooves, and Revival New York, are rising on the Beatport charts with their blend of regional styles, Brazilian funk, and hip hop.

Listen to ‘Origins’ EP below and get your copy here.

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