Callecat releases ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’

Callecat releases ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’

Featuring Fabri Lopez and Nick Varon.

Photo credit: Callecat – Facebook

Dutch duo Koen and Gijs, also known as Callecat, have unveiled the fourth part of their album, ‘Symbiosis,’ through Manual Music.

The initial three parts of Symbiosis featured collaborations with artists such as Paul Hazendonk, Meeting Molly, Juliane Wolf, Forty Cats, Hobin Rude, and Not Demure. ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’ introduces exciting collaborations with Fabri Lopez and Nick Varon.

‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’ begins with ‘Mutual Horizons,’ a collaboration with Fabri Lopez. Its rhythmic beat, delayed bass, and ambient synths immerse listeners in a tranquil beach scene, with Fabri’s unique touch enhancing the track’s appeal.

The next track, ‘Beyond Perceptions,’ is a joint effort with Nick Varon. It displays a captivating rhythm, resulting from the blend of percussion, bass kick, and synths.

The core of Callecat is their mutual partnership. Koen plays the DJ, and Gijs manages the production. Both excel in their roles, and their shared sense of humor adds a playful element to their work.

Listen to ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’ below, and download your copy here.

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