Electronic Groove & Listed unite for charitable night at Outer Heaven NYC

Electronic Groove & Listed unite for charitable night at Outer Heaven NYC

Electronic Groove and Listed proudly announce their third collaboration for a charitable cause. The Winter season fundraiser will happen at New York’s hottest micro-club, Outer Heaven, on October 14th, 2023, from 8 PM to 4 AM.

Following the resounding success of their recent ADE fundraiser, Electronic Groove and Listed are dedicated to raising funds for the Bowery Mission, an organization committed to supporting New Yorkers facing homelessness. The event promises an unforgettable night of music featuring performances by Holmar, N/UM (live), Lauren Ritter, Shane One, Daniel Cowel, Rick Rosa, plus Special Guests.

A suggested donation of $20 will directly contribute to the Bowery Mission’s vital work, aligning with the mission statement: “The Bowery Mission exists to promote the flourishing of New Yorkers overcoming homelessness and marginalization.” This mission deeply resonates with the core values of Electronic Groove,  Listed, and the artists who generously donate their time and talents, reflecting their commitment to social causes.

“At Electronic Groove, we’re firm believers in the incredible impact of music to inspire, connect, and truly make a difference. It’s the unique power each one of us holds to create positive change. Since we share similar visions and have had great success in prior fundraisers, teaming up with Listed’s head, Gunita, is a no-brainer. We are also humbled by the amazing lineup of artists who, together with us as a community, are dedicated to contributing to a world where music goes beyond boundaries, touching and helping lives. This is the least we can do in this season of giving.” – Mauricio Viana, Director of Electronic Groove

In an industry often characterized by fleeting trends and social media hype, Electronic Groove and Listed believe in the transformative power of music to create positive change. By collaborating with like-minded artists and venues, they strive to support social causes and contribute to a better world.

Join us on October 14th for a night that goes beyond music, offering a chance to be part of something truly meaningful. Your presence and contribution will fuel an extraordinary night of electronic music and play a crucial role in promoting the flourishing of those in need during the Winter Holiday Season.

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