Ezel & Rona Ray collaborate on new album ‘Take Me Home’

Ezel & Rona Ray collaborate on new album ‘Take Me Home’

It is scheduled to be released on February 2nd.

Bayacou Records presents the collaborative album, ‘Take Me Home’, produced by the duo Ezel and Rona Ray. The record is set to be released on February 2nd, 2024 and pre-order is already available.

Throughout the 14 songs on the LP, Ezel and Rona Ray explore various house styles while staying true to their soulful roots. From the raw beauty of ‘Hard to Stay Away’ to the infectious groove of ‘Take Me Home’, the duo showcases their versatility. Other notable tracks include the disco-infused ‘Endless Summer’ with its nostalgic percussion, and ‘Forrest Gump’ which exudes a vibrant 90s vibe.

‘Take Me Home’ also offers two downtempo songs that infuse R&B and neo-soul vibes. ‘Trees Don’t Hide Underground’ showcases Rona Ray’s influences from Hiatus Kaiyote, while ‘Can We Love and Be Free’ presents Ezel’s arrangement choices that evoke the spirit of Childish Gambino’s ‘Red Bone’.

Both artists have achieved success individually and together. Rona Ray, hailing from Russia, is known for her distinct vocal timbre and songwriting skills. Ezel, a Dominican producer, has risen through the ranks of house music producers with his hits and remixes.

Pre-order ‘Take Me Home’ here.

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