Indulge in contemplation with Kartell’s new track ‘Space Odyssey’

Indulge in contemplation with Kartell’s new track ‘Space Odyssey’

Now avaialble trough Roche Musique.

Photo credit: Dimitri Lanctuit

French electronic producer Kartell has released his latest track entitled ‘Space Odyssey’, in collaboration with the esteemed French label Roche Musique. Accompanying the release is a visual manifesto.

Following the success of his previous release, ‘Daybreak’, which included the standout track ‘All In’ featuring Che Lingo, Kartell’s new song ventures into unexplored musical territories.

Describing ‘Space Odyssey’, Kartell explains, “It is a journey through time and space, reflecting a quest for self-discovery and our connection to the world around us. It is a deeply personal and nostalgic statement, aiming to break barriers and immerse listeners in a captivating contemplation. This track effortlessly floats above the album, encapsulating the mood and the liminal state that I seek when creating music.”

Influenced by his father’s collection of soul, disco, and early house records, Kartell’s artistic vision took shape. He moved to Paris, connected with DJ and producer Cézaire, and became the first artist signed to the Roche Musique label. Kartell’s talent for crafting groove-infused productions earned him a residency at Paris’ Social Club and global bookings.

Listen to ‘Space Odyssey’ below and download your copy here.

Watch Space Odyssey (Manifesto) here.

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