Kommodo presents his latest release ‘The Lighthouse’

Kommodo presents his latest release ‘The Lighthouse’

Out now via Timeless Moment label.

Photo credit: Kommodo – Official

DJ and producer Kommodo has unveiled ‘The Lighthouse’, a captivating breakbeat/electronic EP via the Timeless Moment label.

‘The Lighthouse’ marks the artist’s fresh foray into the realm of broken percussion. This three-track package serves as a sonic voyage, rich with narrative and sensory facets.

The journey kick starts with ‘Rapid Eye Movement’, a track that pulses rhythmically while resonating with melodious undertones. Its grooves and beats are amplified by vocals that harmonize with the synthesizer. Then shifting gear to ‘I Know’, a cut that adds a layer of complexity. Here, Felipe Abbas’ vocals align with the track’s undertones, crafting a blend of breakbeat rhythms and melodious effects. Later hits its crescendo with its title track, ‘The Lighthouse’.

Listen to Kommodo’s ‘The Lighthouse’ below and get your copy here.

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