Marc Romboy’s current 10 favorite tracks

Renowned German DJ Marc Romboy, known for his innovative approach to electronic music, started his journey from DJing to producing during the acid house era.

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In 1993, he founded the ‘Le Petit Prince’ label, a platform for his friends’ music, which earned acclaim as ‘Label Of The Year’ by German electronic music publications. Romboy has collaborated with artists and labels, releasing music on platforms like Innervisions, Ovum, Kompakt & 20:20 Vision, and leading the influential Systematic Recordings label since 2004.

Recently, Romboy introduced ‘I Am A Dancer’ Remixes featuring Sinisa Tamamovic, Skatman & Dense & Pika. The original track ‘I Am a Dancer,’ with three innovative remixes, showcases distinct interpretations by these artists.

In line with this release, Romboy shares his top 10 tracks on repeat, offering a peek into his musical influences and preferences.

1. Marc Romboy & C.A.R. ‘I am a dancer’ (Marc Romboy & Sinisa Tamamovic Mix) (Systematic Recordings)

2. Ede ‘Praise the lord’ (Correspondent)

“Already out for a while! And still played in almost every set of mine! Simple, classical, extremely effective!”

3. Kiko & Agoria ‘Second life’ (Hot Banana)

“As far as I know, this release is their first collaboration ever and it makes sense. Epic pads, groovy electro beats, and a story to tell. This one won’t leave my virtual record case for a long time.”

4. Josh Wink – ‘Talking to you’ (Marc Romboy & André Winter Remix) (Ovum)

“Very proud of this remix I did with the amazing André Winter. When we did it, I had just bought the Erika Perkons-HD1 drum synthesizer and you can hear this. Carl Cox is still and constantly playing this tune! Thank you, Carl!”

5. André Winter & Carlo Ruetz ‘Achat-1’ (Systematic Recordings)

6. Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy ‘The Alchemist’ (Systematic Recordings)

“This is a little teaser! ‘The alchemist’ was produced by Stephan and me almost 20 years ago. When we did it, I was pretty ill, had a cold or something. I heard music totally differently than usual. It was like I was in a different state of mind. In May 2024, there will be a reissue, with a new remix of mine plus a remaster of the unbeatable original.”

7. Oliver Huntemann ‘Rotten 2.0’

“I hope the future will be bright and peaceful.”

8. Alec Troniq – ‘Neophile’ (CODE3QR)

“One of the most innovative tracks I have heard in a while. Have a listen, it’s a trip you won’t forget!”

9. Underspreche – ‘Nachtdigital’ (Nervous)

“No idea what the title eventually means but it doesn’t matter! It’s a floor filler, with elements from 1991, combined with modern aspects, thumbs up!”

10. Bawrut ‘Que quiere usted’ (Ransom Note)

“My remix for Bawrut, based on a remix swap deal! A bit under the radar still but I love and play it always.”

Marc Romboy’s ‘I Am A Dancer’ Remixes is now available via Systematic Recordings. Stream and download here.

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