Midnight Pool Party drops ‘BADDIE ERA’

Midnight Pool Party drops ‘BADDIE ERA’

Now available via Believe Music.

Photo credit: Midnight Pool Party – Official

Darren Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz’s disco/dance project, Midnight Pool Party, recently released their latest single titled ‘BADDIE ERA’. The single is now available through Believe Music.

‘BADDIE ERA’ is a cheeky anthem that reflects on the artists’ journey and celebrates their progress. It serves as a reminder that it is never too late to achieve goals and be proud of personal growth.

Although initially perceived as obnoxious, the song is actually a playful expression of their journey and pride in their personal growth. It showcases their unique sound, combining elements of Dom Dolla, Fisher, and Disclosure.

Both in their 30s, Darren and Oliver have faced life’s challenges, including relationships, identity crises, career obstacles, personal insecurities, and creative blocks. These experiences have influenced their earlier, more vulnerable songs. However, they have since grown both personally and creatively.

Listen to ‘BADDIE ERA’ below and get your copy here.

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