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The Triple Impact: Blog Posts, Playlist

In the rapidly evolving digital music landscape, gaining visibility and connecting with new...

30 Seconds to Fame: How TikTok

It’s clear that TikTok has turn out to be a significant stepping stone for a lot of aspiring artists...

TikTok from a Musician’s Perspective

Social media platforms go out and in of fashion, however TikTok is right here to remain for the...

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Associate Member Spotlight – Killphonic Rights – American Association of Independent Music

A global music publishing & neighboring rights company Killphonic Rights is a modern music rights management company. We provide creative services...

A2IM Supports the NO AI FRAUD Act – American Association of Independent Music

Photo by Brandon Hull On January 10, 2024, A2IM President and CEO Dr. Richard James Burgess was in Nashville, TN for the introduction of the No...

A2IM Monthly Digest– Nov/Dec 2023 – American Association of Independent Music

Important notice:  New mechanical rates for 2024 announced by CRBLast year, the Copyright Royalty Board adopted new mechanical rates for physical...

Bandcamp Songtradr Acquisition Leads to Layoffs and a Lawsuit

Bandcamp describes itself as an “online record store and music community,” offering fans the opportunity to directly purchase song downloads from the...


MVD Entertainment Group is a full-service music and movie distribution company, exclusively representing thousands of audio and visual products for...

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