Play Records celebrates with ‘NYE 2024’ compilation album

Play Records celebrates with ‘NYE 2024’ compilation album

Featuring 20 original tracks across various electronic music genres.

Play Records is concluding their year with the highly anticipated release of their compilation album entitled ‘NYE 2024’.

‘NYE 2024’ offers a diverse musical experience with 20 original tracks spanning genres such as house, soulful house, disco house, nu disco, and funky house. Esteemed returning producers like Modesti, Sean Bartley, and Daniel Distinkt bring their sounds, while Play Records introduces promising new artists. Each track takes listeners on a journey with infectious hooks, captivating vocals, groovy basslines, and pulsating beats. ‘NYE 2024’ showcases the exceptional talent of the celebrated producers in Play Records’ end-of-year celebration.

From their ‘Play at ADE 2023’ compilation album to releases from producers like Melleefresh and Kardano, the label has stayed at the forefront of discovering emerging talent, making a significant impact on the electronic music landscape. ‘NYE 2024’ demonstrates Play Records’ dedication to delivering captivating productions.

Listen to ‘NYE 2024’ and grab your copy here.

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