The city of New York appoints Jeffrey Garcia as new nightlife mayor

The city of New York appoints Jeffrey Garcia as new nightlife mayor

He will be the second person to serve.

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

The city of New York is set to welcome a new nightlife mayor as Bronx restaurateur and ex-NYPD detective Jeffrey Garcia takes on the role, replacing Ariel Palitz, who will be stepping down this coming February 2024. Palitz held the role for the last five years.

Garcia, a beacon of vibrancy from the Bronx, shared his vision with Time Out, expressing an eagerness to amplify the nocturnal allure beyond the familiar streets of midtown Manhattan. “One of my main priorities coming in here is, how do we get folks to visit these wonderful businesses now in the South Bronx, in the North Bronx?” Garcia mused. “How do we get them to go to Staten Island, to Brooklyn, to Queens? I think that is all about information, and putting these businesses out there, putting these neighborhoods out there, so that people can see there are wonderful places to visit all across the city. Not everything is, you know, in midtown Manhattan.”

Amidst the city’s budgetary challenges, Mayor Eric Adams announced a hiring freeze in September in an effort to cut budgets, and agencies are poised to trim their spending by five percent each in the coming months.

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