Worried About Henry landed at Drumsheds London

Worried About Henry landed at Drumsheds London

With over 40 artists performing at the show.

Photo Credits:  Luke Dyson and   Jake Philip Davis. 

Worried About Henry has been at the forefront of the drum n’ bass scene since 2014, consistently bringing the biggest names in the genre to several venues across the UK. Last Saturday, November 11th, they marked their second appearance in the city of London, choosing none other than the colossal 15,000-capacity warehouse space, Drumsheds.

The show sold out within a month of its announcement, boasting a dream line-up for any drum and bass fan. With over 40 artists, the roster spanned from legends to the best raw and upcoming talent in the scene.

Once ravers absorbed the colossal expanse of this warehouse, spanning three distinct rooms—X, Y, and Z—the majority gravitated towards Room X, being the largest of the three, featuring a screen stretching from wall to wall and elevated platforms strategically placed to offer the crowd an optimal view of the immersive spectacle. Among the stellar line-up in this room were artists like Bou, Kanine, and the legendary Andy C. However, to everyone’s surprise, the night reached new heights with an unexpected performance by none other than Dizzee Rascal & JME during Turno’s set. Their appearance set the room ablaze with energy, leaving everyone buzzing with excitement for the remainder of the night.

In the slightly smaller yet still impressively scaled Room Y, resembling a long, slightly narrow tunnel illuminated by lasers and strobes on each side with the artists performing at the end. At the peak hour of the night the room witnessed a historic moment with a legendary triple back-to-back performance featuring none other than DJ Hype, DJ Hazard, and Dillinja, filling the venue with an electrifying vibe that captivated the entire audience.

In the more intimate confines of Room Z, the smallest of the three, an industrial boiler room ambiance took hold. Bathed in red light, intensified by the swirling smoke, DJs operated behind a cage, adding a unique touch to the setting. The crowd, positioned in front, became part of this immersive experience, creating a captivating synergy between the beats, the atmosphere, and the audience.

The entire day was absolutely incredible it unfolded as a captivating journey through every element of drum n’ bass you can think of, jump-up, rollers, neurofunk to name a few. The basslines vibrating in your chest from the sound systems and the huge energy that gathered in the room before that filthy drop followed by many bass faces from the crowd. This experience is destined to linger in our memories for years to come. Worried About Henry’s production was truly second to none truly setting the bar.

If you happened to miss this one, be sure to keep an eye out for more events from them or other experiences at Drumsheds London.

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