10 Badass Electronic Artists You Don’t Want To Miss

10 Badass Electronic Artists You Don’t Want To Miss

Want some new music to obsess over? If you love electronic music like me, you already know and adore these badass artists. 😎🔥 If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, these are 10 artists you definitely want to check out before the year comes to an end. Check them out, stream their tracks, and spread the love right here…


“Bristol brothers Icarus have shared a long journey through the outer realms of electronic music, embarking on a sharp ascent through the UK scene since signing to Pete Tong’s legendary FFRR imprint in 2015. With sold out UK tours, hundreds of millions of streams and 9 BBC Radio 1 ‘Hottest Record’s to their name, the pair have been consistent in releasing head-turning music, while constantly refining and developing their signature sound that sits at the intersection of emotionally tuned electronica and infectiously danceable house music.” // Discover more on Spotify…




“A purveyor of lucid sounds, French producer Chloé Herry is a worldly and rhythmic figure in the electronic music atmosphere. Now based in Denver, CloZee has made a name for herself by skewing the usual curves of bass music and evoking a spiritual and evolutionary sound. In 2020, CloZee started a new journey with the launch of her own artist-friendly label, Odyzey Music, where she’s devoted to highlighting the underground artists of bass music and beyond…” // Discover more on Spotify…




“Antonio Castrillo Cabrera, born in Tenerife, Spain. His adventure began a few years ago when he decided to give importance to his musical career. At the age of 14 he began to create his own music, after these years he had already accumulated more than 80 original tracks, remixes, and edits. Some of the labels that have opted for this international star are: Insomniac, Spinnin’, Universal, Solotoko, Armada Music, NSO or Sony Music. Recently named the #59 best producer (2021) and #100 best producer (2022) in all around the world via Top 101 Producer by 1001tracklist…” // Discover more on Spotify…




“As Tycho, Scott Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that extend into the horizon. The San Francisco based Hansen began releasing music in the early 2000’s with The Science of Patterns EP…. Hansen expanded the scope of his project with the addition of vocalist Saint Sinner on 2019’s Weather, Tycho’s second GRAMMY nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. In addition to his original works, Tycho has remixed Odesza & Leon Bridges, Maggie Rogers, Spoon, The Knocks & Muna, Little Dragon, Thievery Corporation and Death Cab For Cutie. 
 Over the course of the last fifteen years, Tycho has evolved from a singular to a plural, and from an electronic, ambient experiment to a multi-dimensional audio visual live experience that bring the compositions to life.” // Discover more on Spotify…



Caro Juna

“jus wanna make music that touches u ( ◡‿◡ *) featured in paper, notion, ladygunn, highsnobiety”



Vitesse X

“Vitesse X, the enigmatic producer and DJ from New York, captivates with ethereal sounds and enchanting vocal melodies. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of modern rave culture and the nostalgic aura of the ’90s, Vitesse X occupies a sonic frontier that is both exhilarating and alluring… With this forthcoming opus, she continues to push the boundaries of her sonic explorations, combining elements of nostalgia, innovation, and a relentless desire to capture the essence of human connection through music.” // Discover more on Spotify…



Late Night Radio

“Colorado-based electronic music producer Late Night Radio presents his latest album, “Pocket Full of Dreams” [Philos Records]. This introspective masterpiece skillfully blends reflective rhythms and soul-inspired hip-hop beats, exploring life’s pursuits and dreams. Alex Medellin (Late Night Radio) is a consistent force in the electronic music scene, crafting authentic sounds driven by passion. “Pocket Full of Dreams” reflects Medellin’s life experiences and the importance of vulnerability in art…” // Discover more on Spotify…




“Emerging from Jackson, Mississippi with a personality larger than an eighteen wheeler dump truck, comes TVBOO, pronounced “taboo.” Mitch Draper, known as TVBOO, is quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the bass scene. His ability to weave distorted sounds through incredibly unique basslines, accompanied by infamous vocal samples, are just a few of the elements that make TVBOO, TVBOO. His shows are curated with high energy sets that are guaranteed to have the crowd moving on their feet from start to finish…” // Discover more on Spotify… 



Dave Audé

“Dave Audé is definitely one of those easy-going yet eccentric types. It is this unconventional combo that brings such presence and personality to his music and has brought him acclaim from both his fans and his contemporaries. There’s no pretentiousness or slickness to Audé. He’ll tell you straight up “it’s about the music, it always is.”… Since he first emerged as a producer/remixer/DJ, Audé has run up an astonishing roster of Billboard Dance hits—both under his own name and in service of other artists, including Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, Korn, OneRepublic, and Coldplay. 
// Discover more on Spotify…




“Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is an electronic music producer & DJ from San Francisco, California, who combines influences of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass music. Originally from Atlanta, GA, his unique flair of southern roots compliment pulsating dream-like bass lines and psychedelic arpeggios to create something uniquely fresh yet also familiarly nostalgic. His passion and love for electronic music is present in both his original songs and his wildly popular mixtape series. No genre goes untouched – from dubstep, trance, rap, trap, drum & bass, halftime, psytrance, and more – each Ravenscoon live set is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.” // Discover more on Spotify…


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