Hannes Bieger collaborates with Shrii for ‘Rising’

Hannes Bieger collaborates with Shrii for ‘Rising’

This marks the second offering from his new label, Elektrons.

Hannes Bieger just released ‘Rising’, the second production from his new label, Elektrons. This project is a collaboration with the multi-talented Shrii, an artist based in Hyderabad. It showcases Hannes’ deep emotional range and his knack for crafting dance-floor rhythms.

‘Rising’ was conceived during Hannes’ tour in India, where he first met Shrii. He found inspiration during a break in Goa, marking the first time he composed music while touring. The track captures the energy of Goa, reflecting the vibrancy of daily life, the enchanting jungle, the beaches, and the contrasting Portuguese architecture.

‘Rising’ commences with an engaging rhythm and layers of mystique, enhanced by Shrii’s ethereal vocals. Hannes maintains the groove and adds emotional depth. A breakdown transitions into a robust second half with a distorted acid synth drop. After the breakdown, Hannes infuses emotionally-charged, funk-laden energy, which harmonizes with Shrii’s melodious vocals.

Shrii, a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, and DJ, adeptly blends Indian classical music with western and contemporary elements. As a member of the band, Gods Robots, she has performed at venues ranging from the Royal Opera House in Mumbai to the Symbiosis Gathering in the USA.

Listen to ‘Rising’ below and download your copy here.

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