Jan Blomqvist and Rodriguez Jr. collaborate on ‘Destination Lost’

Jan Blomqvist and Rodriguez Jr. collaborate on ‘Destination Lost’

This is the first release from Blomqvist’s new label, Disconnected.

Jan Blomqvist and Rodriguez Jr. have collaborated on their latest track entitled ‘Destination Lost’. This is the inaugural release from Disconnected, Blomqvist’s new label.

‘Destination Lost’ mirrors the shared passion of both artists for deep, emotional, and melodic music. The track blends elegant melodies, poignant lyrics, and Blomqvist’s distinctive vocals to narrate a story that transcends sound.

Rodriguez Jr. is excited about the collaboration, stating, Jan Blomqvist and I have been sharing the same passion for emotional, deep, melodic electronic music for such a long while. I always had the feeling we were somehow telling the same stories but with different words.”

He compares their creative process to movie-making, emphasizing the significance of the plot, setting, lighting, and contrasts. He adds, “Each sentence is a different snapshot, painting a vivid mosaic of our human experience, revealing the beauty found in the intertwining of emotions past.”

Listen to ‘Destination Lost’ below and download your copy here.

Jan Blomqvist and Rodriguez Jr. collaborate on ‘Destination Lost’

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