Listen to Matt Caines & Alehhos’ ‘La Bemba’ on Made In Miami

Listen to Matt Caines & Alehhos’ ‘La Bemba’ on Made In Miami

It’s Matt Caines’ debut release.

Photo by  soulfocus_media

Matt Caines & Alehhos have partnered to create  ‘La Bemba,’ a modern tribal cut that exemplifies their creative approach to music production. It is now available via the Made In Miami label.

The track features infectious percussive patterns over a bold groove, complemented by sultry Latin vocals, making it a standout release that bridges different musical worlds. ‘La Bemba’ showcases the artists’ boundless creativity and musical momentum.

Matt Caines’ nomadic lifestyle and passion for cultural exchanges of new sounds fuel his exploration of the power of music, as shown in this musical venture with Alehho. His role as Executive Producer of Art With Me Festival reflects his commitment to connecting purpose and place. His ethos emphasizes finding balance at the edge of limitations and walking that line with confidence and conviction, which shines through in his latest release, ‘La Bemba.’

Stream and download ‘La Bemba’ here.

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