3 Pre-Save & Release Page Features To Try This Year

3 Pre-Save & Release Page Features To Try This Year

With so much music coming out from artists all over the world, it can feel overwhelming trying to make your own music shine through the masses. If you’ve got a new release on Spotify that you want to get as much exposure as possible on, has tons of features to help you do just that. If that sounds good to you, here are 3 things you should try…

Embed Your Shopify Widget

With, you can embed your Shopify store directly into your music release page. This means that fans who like your music can scroll down, shop your merch, and complete a checkout without ever leaving your music release page.

Amazon Music Pre-Save’s pre-save tool was the first of its kind to launch Amazon Music pre-save capabilities. With it, you can set up Amazon Music pre-save to give your music its best chance at editorial and playlisting support from Amazon.

Evergreen Pre-Saves

If you’d like to start collecting pre-saves for a release that hasn’t had a release date confirmed yet, you can do so with Just create a pre-save page and set a release date in the far future (and leave the UPC field blank). Share your pre-save page far and wide – and when the time comes to announce your new single, updating the pre-save page with the correct release date and UPC will turn those sign-ups into pre-saves for your new single.


Want to learn more about Check these out… makes music advertising quick and easy. If you’re looking to beef up your ad strategy for the new year and reach new fans all over the world, can help. // To learn more about everything they can do for artists like you, check out their website right here.

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