Adam Ten and Rafael collaborate on new single ‘Toys’

Adam Ten and Rafael collaborate on new single ‘Toys’

Now available on Diplo’s Higher Ground label.

Adam Ten and Rafael, both hailing from Tel Aviv, have come together to release their latest track entitled ‘Toys.’ This fresh psychedelic house single is now available on the Higher Ground label.

This is a victorious comeback for Adam Ten, who previously topped the Beatport charts with his hit song ‘Spring Girl,’ a collaboration with Maori. ‘Toys’ carries the same playful energy as its predecessor, blending psytrance influences with hypnotic synths and pulsating basslines.

Discussing the creative process, Adam Ten said, “I had this one groove going, but didn’t know what to take it in, but then Rafael heard it, and he had some great ideas. We sat down together to build a story, recording a funky lead with some atmosphere around it.” Rafael added, “We tried to push the sounds to be trippy and unexpected, but at the same time make you groove.”

Listen to ‘Toys’ below and download your copy here.

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