AFFKT finishes EP trilogy with ‘18.04’ on Pets Recordings

AFFKT finishes EP trilogy with ‘18.04’ on Pets Recordings

Scheduled to be out on December 15th, 2023.

Photo credit: AFFKT – Official

AFFKT announced the release of his new EP entitled ‘18.04‘; this anticipated offering will be out via Pets Recordings. This follows the success of his previous releases, Footloose’ on Sincopat, and ‘Milhomens’ through Multinotes.

“This trilogy of EPs is an achievement of being able to dedicate time to what I like more than getting lost inside my music in the eternal search for perfection of shapes in my music,” AFFKT  added.

The arrival of his son, Alai, has brought about a transformative chapter in AFFKT’s life, influencing his music with track titles and an inspired energy.

Listen to ‘Milhomens’ below and download your copy here.

Pre-order ‘18.04’ here.

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