Afterlife launches ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI’ compilation

Afterlife launches ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI’ compilation

Featuring  ANNA, Carlita, Hunter/Game, and more.

Afterlife, the electronic music label founded by Tale Of Us, has recently revealed the sixth chapter of their ‘Realm Of Consciousness’ compilation series.

This installment features 14 tracks from different artists such as Innellea, Recondite, Kevin de Vries, Fideles, Hunter/Game, ANNA, Carlita, Mind Against, Colyn, and more.

‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI’ by Afterlife showcases the label’s diverse output, featuring established and emerging artists in the electronic music scene. The compilation aims to evoke deep emotional experiences for listeners and solidifies Afterlife’s position as a leading force in the industry.

Listen to ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI’ below and download your copy here.

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