AlphaTheta Corp, parent company of Pioneer DJ, launched a new brand

AlphaTheta Corp, parent company of Pioneer DJ, launched a new brand

AlphaTheta will operate alongside Pioneer DJ with the goal of introducing innovative, globally recognized products.

AlphaTheta Corporation, the parent company of Pioneer DJ, has announced the launch of its new music product brand, AlphaTheta. This brand will operate in conjunction with Pioneer DJ.

This launch signifies a natural progression for the company and the brand, following Pioneer DJ’s name change to AlphaTheta Corporation in 2020. The new name reflects the company’s values and vision, referring to the brain wave frequencies achieved during optimal performance.

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the original DJ Player, the CDJ-500, AlphaTheta’s launch paves the way for forward-thinking, globally recognized products. The company expresses its gratitude to the community of DJs, artists, and creators who have contributed to shaping its iconic products over the years.

AlphaTheta Corporation will continue to showcase a portfolio that includes Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, TORAIZ, Pioneer PRO AUDIO, KUVO, and the new AlphaTheta brand. The company remains committed to manufacturing cutting-edge Pioneer DJ products while embracing diversity, inclusion, and the creativity of DJing and music production.

“We have created a brand that will propel us into the future while maintaining the quality and innovation that you have come to expect from us,” stated AlphaTheta Corporation.

For more information, visit AlphaTheta’s official website here.

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