AMÉMÉ debuts on Defected’s One People label with ‘Wild Animal’

AMÉMÉ debuts on Defected’s One People label with ‘Wild Animal’

Following the first release of the imprint by Alex Wann.

Photo Credit: Nirvana

AMÉMÉ recently released his latest single, ‘Wild Animal,’ under Defected’s new label, One People. This marks the artist’s first independent release since his 2023 hit, ‘Kaleta’.

‘Wild Animal’ combines a pulsating bassline with captivating lyrics, creating an irresistible blend of Afro-tech and house music that ushers listeners straight to the dance floor.

AMÉMÉ’s contribution to the Afro-house genre has earned recognition and praise from its influential figures. His latest offering on One People not only showcases the range of sounds within the genre but also embodies the spirit of Africa in every beat.

In addition to his latest release, AMÉMÉ has revitalized his signature event series, One Tribe, this year. The series officially relaunched in London at fabric and has since established a residency at Shelter in Amsterdam. Future events are planned to take place in Egypt and Ibiza in April.

Listen to ‘Wild Animal’ below and download your copy here.

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