AMÉMÉ returns with One Tribe event series

AMÉMÉ returns with One Tribe event series

The debut event is scheduled for February 2nd at fabric.

Photo Credit: Nirvana

AMÉMÉ, also known as Hubert Sodogandji, is set to revive his event series, One Tribe, with a debut event at fabric on February 2nd, 2024. This return marks an important milestone for the artistic collective, showcasing the fusion of music, art, and fashion that defines AMÉMÉ.

Joining AMÉMÉ for One Tribe’s first signature event in four years will be artists Bontan, Kitty Amor, and Philou Louzolo. Together, they will deliver an exciting afro-house experience in Room 2 of London’s club, fabric.

Originally established in the fall of 2017 as a curated event series, One Tribe has evolved into a record label, gaining popularity in New York and becoming a central figure in Brooklyn’s electronic music scene. After a four-year break, AMÉMÉ is bringing back the revitalized editions of One Tribe, with additional launch dates in Amsterdam and New York to be announced.

Grab your tickets here.

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