Amine Edge & DANCE share 10 tracks to ignite the party atmosphere

Amine Edge & DANCE share 10 tracks to ignite the party atmosphere

Amine Edge & DANCE, hailing from Southern France, have established their own music empire, drawing inspiration from genres such as House, Philly Soul, and Hip-Hop. Their unique sound showcases their talent and versatility as producers, blending various elements to create an immersive musical experience.

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With their fusion of low-end house and four-to-the-floor beats, Amine Edge & DANCE have captivated music enthusiasts worldwide. Their talent was recognized when they won the “Bass” category at the 2016 DJ Awards. This achievement is a testament to their musical growth, transitioning from bass-heavy hip-hop-infused newcomers to becoming prominent headline acts.

In their latest release, Amine Edge & DANCE have collaborated with Pershard Owens on the EP ‘It Was’ via Hot Creations. Get your copyhere.

To commemorate this achievement, Amine Edge & DANCE have handpicked a collection of 10 outstanding tracks that will undeniably ignite the party atmosphere.

1. Goosey – Can U Feel It

‘Can U Feel It’ by Goosey is an electrifying dance floor anthem that’s been making waves even before its official release. This track is an absolute powerhouse, guaranteed to get the party started and keep the energy soaring all night long.”

2. Vampire Sex – Disco Party Baby

‘Disco Party Baby’ by Vampire Sex is a refreshing and surprising track that brings a unique oriental jazz disco vibe to the dance floor. This masterpiece is unlike anything you’ve heard before, and it’s bound to captivate your senses.”

3. Lucati – Feel It

Lucati’s ‘Feel It’ is the ultimate summer hit you’ve been waiting for. It’s a groovy and authentically House tune that avoids any hint of cheesiness. With its catchy vocals that instantly lodge themselves in your head, this track is guaranteed to get the party going and keep it alive all night long. ‘Feel It’ is a dance floor gem that effortlessly captivates, making it a must-have addition to any summer playlist.”

4. Jho Roscioli – Supermodel Thick

Jho Roscioli’s ‘Supermodel Thick’ is a track that’s quickly becoming a favourite among renowned DJs like Marco Carola and many more. This tune takes a captivating dive into a pop-infused House genre, reminiscent of Roberto Surace’s ‘Joys’. With its sultry vocals and a bassline that grooves irresistibly, ‘Supermodel Thick’ sets the stage for an unforgettable dance floor experience. It effortlessly blends the best of both worlds, offering a pop-infused House sound that’s both sexy and groovy. This track is poised to become a club classic, ready to ignite the dance floor with its infectious energy.”

5. Manda Moor & Trangaz – Chatita

Manda Moor & Trangaz’s ‘Chatita’ is a testament to their journey and evolution as artists. Having known them for years, it’s incredibly satisfying to witness them create music that resonates with such a broad audience. ‘Chatita’ embodies a unique blend of sexiness, grit, and groove, all in one powerful package. It’s the kind of track that transcends borders and brings dancefloors worldwide onto the same page. These talented artists are definitely ones to watch; their music is making waves in the industry.”

6. Matias Aguayo – El Camaron (Nick Leon 2023 Murky Mix)

Matias Aguayo’s ‘El Camaron (Nick Leon 2023 Murky Mix)’ has firmly secured its place as one of my current favorite tracks. My journey with this track began at Space Miami with Tiga when he played his unique edit of the original. The vocal’s musicality was simply mind-blowing, and I was astounded to learn it was Matias Aguayo’s work. Driven by curiosity, I decided to dive into Matias Aguayo’s entire discography to ensure I didn’t miss any gems. To my astonishment, I stumbled upon Nick Leon’s remix, and it left me even more floored. The very next day, during a b2b set with Hugel at Space, I couldn’t resist dropping it as the second track – the anticipation was too much. And as expected, it was an absolute banger!”

7. Ammo Avenue – Bass Rider


Ammo Avenue’s ‘Bass Rider’ has solidified its spot in my top 10 favorite producers’ list. This artist consistently drops explosive tracks, and ‘Bass Rider’ is no exception. The first time I heard it, I was left speechless, and it has since become a permanent fixture in my sets. This track has the uncanny ability to shock and awe the crowd every time it’s played. Ammo Avenue is a force to be reckoned with, and ‘Bass Rider’ is a prime example of their mastery in the music scene.”

8. Dec Duffy – G&T

Dec Duffy’s ‘G&T’ is a testament to the incredible maturity of his musical talent, especially considering his young age. This track is a captivating throwback to the ’90s dub sounds that first made me fall in love with house music, reminiscent of iconic labels like Strictly Rhythm. Keep a close eye on this rising star; his music has the potential to shape the future of house music, and I can’t wait to hear what he brings next!”

9. Josh Kalker – 70s Addict

Josh Kalker’s ’70s Addict’ is an absolute game-changer. When I first came across this track in my promos, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I was literally jolted out of my chair, and my body started moving in ways I didn’t even know were possible. It’s that infectious! This track is so addictively groovy that I couldn’t resist playing it not once but twice at my next gig, and that’s a testament to its power. Josh Kalker is one sick producer, and ’70s Addict’ is a sick track, in the best possible way. It’s a musical journey that you won’t want to end.”

10. Mason Maynard – You / In Your Eyez

Mason Maynard is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the music industry, and I’m delighted to showcase not one but two of his tracks that exemplify his incredible talent. These tunes are a breath of fresh air in the electronic music scene, and every time I listen to his work, I’m left in awe of his creativity and musical prowess.”

Mason Maynard consistently delivers top-notch tracks that are not only fresh but also incredibly tasteful. I can confidently say I’ve never come across a bad track from him, and he deserves all the props for his outstanding contributions to the music world. Keep shining, Mason Maynard!”

Amine Edge & DANCE’s ‘It Was’ is now available through Hot Creations. Get your copy here.

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