Anjunadeep returns to Miami with Open Air Festival

Anjunadeep returns to Miami with Open Air Festival

Featuring Marsh, Sasha,  Eli & Fur, Nicky Elisabeth, and more.

Anjunadeep is returning to Miami Music Week with its anticipated Open Air Miami event on March 23rd, 2024. The Oasis, centrally located in Miami’s lively Wynwood district, will host this day-long celebration.

The lineup for Open Air Miami, curated by Anjunadeep, features a back-to-back (B2B) set by Marsh and Sasha. Additional performances by a variety of talented artists, including Anaya, CRi, Dosem, and Luttrell in another B2B set, Durante & HANA, Eli & Fur, Nicky Elisabeth, Nils Hoffmann (live), and Simon Doty, are also scheduled.

In addition to the music, Open Air Miami will offer a culinary journey, allowing attendees to enjoy a range of international foods. A variety of street vendors will serve their specialties from colorful shipping containers, enhancing the charm of this daytime festival in the heart of Miami.

Tickets are available here.

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