ANOTR drops new single, ‘How You Feel’

ANOTR drops new single, ‘How You Feel’

Featuring collaborations with Erik Bandt and Leven Kali.

Photo credit: ANOTR – Facebook

ANOTR has released their latest single ‘How You Feel’, now available through No Art. The single features collaborations with Erik Bandt and Leven Kali. This is the first new music from the No Art bosses since their debut album, ‘The Reset’.

The song was born out of their global studio experiments, spanning from LA to Amsterdam, and coincided with their appearance at Coachella’s Weekend 2. ‘How You Feel’ combines the skills of Bandt and LA-based vocalist Leven Kali to create a modern classic. The song features Kali’s vocals, dynamic bass, complex percussion, and atmospheric builds and breaks.

ANOTR shared their creative process, stating, “We make most of our music at retreats by disconnecting for a few weeks and going fully into the music. We knew the instrumental was special and played it out, but we felt a vocal would take it to the next level. In September, we went to LA for a show and rented a villa to make music and work with singers/songwriters. This is where we met Leven Kali & Raven Ziegler. We had a session that went really well, but we decided that one wasn’t enough. So we planned another session on the last day and played the instrumental. They were instantly vibing, and the track just happened from there. We’ve been playing it out ever since and happy to finally share it with the world.”

Dutch duo ANOTR, Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney, have impacted the house music scene. Their debut, ‘The Reset’, earned critical acclaim and 140 million streams. Their sold-out shows and global No Art and EXPO events have established their industry standing. ‘How You Feel’ marks their next creative step.

Listen to ‘How You Feel’ below and download your copy here.

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