Anthony Middleton : 10 essential after-party tracks

Anthony Middleton : 10 essential after-party tracks

Anthony Middleton, one-half of the well-known music duo  Audiofly, has been involved in the music industry since a young age. With a classical background, his love for music began when he composed his first song at the age of 8. Since then, he has continued to captivate audiences with his musical talent and unwavering dedication.

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In the mid-90s, Middleton honed his production skills and became deeply involved in the dance music scene in London. However, he had to step back due to a genetic illness. During his recovery,   Anthony spent several years practicing  Tibetan Bön, meditating, and refining his music production skills under the guidance of renowned producer/musician  Merv de Peyer. He thought his career in house music was over until he met   Luca Saporito in 2002, and Audiofly was born.

While the majority of the past 22 years have been focused on the Audiofly project and its related ventures  (Flying Circus, Supernature & Maison D’etre), Anthony has also released various solo projects and remixes under his own name.

Here he shares 10 after-party cuts ahead of his performances on Friday, December 8th as The Darker The Night, and Saturday, December 9th as Anthony Middleton (DJ set)  at Art With Me Miami.  Grab your tickets for the event here.

01. Larry Heard presents Mr. White – ‘The Sun Can’t Compare’

“This track has probably been in more top tens than almost any other house track ever but I’m still going to put it here at number one. Its effortless, acidic, lyrical, and brilliant in its delivery. It says a lot about what’s missing in today’s modern take on dance music and reminds us what to aim for in so many ways, although none of us will ever get back to this gem!”

02. KenLou – ‘The Bounce’

“This track is just such a go-to for me. In the right moment of course! It does exactly what it says on the package. It just bounces along! Another timeless, effortless moment. When did things get so complicated?”

03. Beanfield – ‘Tides (Art Department Roxy Blue Remix)’

“This is a modern take on an epic! Tides, originally remixed by Carl Craig. Normally I always say, if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, it’s always such a shame when people rehash a perfectly good track and end up taking away from what was good about it originally. In this case, Art department took it in exactly the right direction to make a worthy alternative to an excellent moment in time. Can’t get enough of it.”

04. Joe Smooth – ‘Promised Land’

“This is one of those classics that you can just end a session with and leave everyone with the right kinda smile on their faces. It’s amazing how these kinds of tunes never lose their edge.”

05. Mount Kimbie – ‘Made to Stray (DJ Koze Remix)’

“I think this remix was one of the tracks that really turned me on to Koze. What a beautiful piece of music. What a journey from beginning to end. It’s like musical sculpture.”

06. Ability II – ‘Pressure’ (Dub)

“I dare you to find a moment to play this one! This is the early 2000s so deep and dubby. I remember getting high and listening to this tune over and over again back when I was at music tech. Such a masterful baseline and haunting sad vocal. Hard to fit in but for me a classic!”

07. Jade – ‘Dreams and Schemes (Doubting Thomas Remix)’

“This Is my only brand new entry. Such a good remix by the artful Doubting Thomas. Perfect after party material. Say no more!”

08. MILQ – ‘I Have a Dream’

“I’m not even gonna spoil the surprise with this one. If you can find it, enjoy it. Vinyl only… the vocal is hauntingly familiar and this record is an afterparty killer. The Milq vinyls in general. Such classy afterparty edits.”

09. GMGN – ‘The Way You Give’

“This summery, vibey, loopy, vocal Vinyl is another of my favourite right place right time afterparty moments this summer. Easy on the ears and full of love… love it.”

10. Remus – ‘Velvet’

“One of my favorite Vocal end tracks. Happy but sexy, great baseline. Well arranged and leaves the ladies in the best of moods… what more could you want from an after?”

Anthony Middleton will be performing at Art With Me Miami on December 8th and 9th. Grab your tickets here

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