Anyma drops new single ‘Pictures Of You’

Anyma drops new single ‘Pictures Of You’

Now available through Afterlife/Polydor Records.

Photo credit: Anyma – Official

Multi-disciplinary artist Anyma, also known as Matteo Milleri and one half of the electronic Italian duo Tale Of Us, has recently released his latest single, ‘Pictures Of You’.

Collaborating with digital and multimedia visual artist Tobias Gremmler, Anyma has created a visual experience that brilliantly complements the music.

In addition to the release of ‘Pictures Of You’, Anyma has announced an upcoming performance at Afterlife France, an event titled ‘Anyma presents: Genesys,’ which will take place on April 13th at La Defense Arena in Paris.

Listen to ‘Pictures Of You’ below and grab your copy here.

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