Apple announces Vision Pro release date

Apple announces Vision Pro release date

Customers in the United States can pre-order starting in mid-January.

Photo credit: Apple – Website

Apple, the technology company, recently announced its latest major release: a mixed-reality device priced at $3,499.

For US customers, the device can be pre-ordered starting from January 19th, with an official sale date of February 2nd. However, the company has not yet provided any information regarding the release schedule for the rest of the world.

This marks Apple’s first significant product since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. The headset was unveiled in June 2023, generating excitement worldwide.

The device will come with 256GB of storage and eye-tracking technology that specifically caters to individuals with visual impairments. Apple aims to differentiate its headset by encouraging developers to label their apps as “spatial computing” instead of specific reality categories.

Watch the trailer for Apple’s Vision Pro below.

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