Arianna Danae: “Join the party and let’s dance with a purpose!”

Arianna Danae: “Join the party and let’s dance with a purpose!”

Combining her Armenian heritage with a New York City attitude, Arianna Danae has emerged as a rising star in the music scene. Drawing from her diverse cultural experiences, Arianna brings a unique style to her compositions, blending ethnically infused sounds with gritty four-on-the-floor beats.

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With her cinematic mixing style, Arianna Danae captivates audiences by seamlessly merging natural rhythms with obscure eclectic selections and immersive ethnic melodies. Her dynamic sets defy genre boundaries, pushing a forward-thinking sound that is entirely her own and gaining recognition within underground circles globally.

Through her residencies and bookings at renowned clubs and events in NYC and DC, Arianna Danae has earned regional recognition. With a dedication to celebrating diversity and a commitment to her craft, Arianna  is prepared to take the next steps in her rapidly growing career.

Arianna Danae is getting ready to perform at Electronic Groove’s ADE Week Animal Rights Fundraiser on Thursday, October 19th, 2023, as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. The event will be held at the Duke of Tokyo venue. The lineup also includes Atish back-to-back Mark Slee, Saqib, Maxi Meraki, Ivan Sandhas, and Rivellino.

EG had the opportunity to catch up with Arianna Danae, gaining insights into her upcoming performance and exploring her latest projects and future endeavors.

EG: Hi Arianna! Welcome back to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Arianna Danae: Hi EG! Happy to be here. I’m currently in Brooklyn, New York. Enjoying my time at home going back-to-back with my doggo, Baby Portia.

EG: So, ADE is just around the corner, which has us all very excited! What are your plans this time around? What mischief will you be up to?

Arianna Danae: Oh, ADE is coming up quickly and I couldn’t be more excited for my second year! Going to have a few industry meetings, tons of party hopping (why can’t I clone myself?!), and lots of rijsttafel & stroopwafels.

EG: And, of course, you’ll be a part of our ADE Week 2023 Fundraiser, which will take place on Thursday, October 19th, seeking to raise funds for AnimalRIghts.NL! What can we expect from your performance?

Arianna Danae: Getting ready to groove on October 19th! My performance will be a musical rollercoaster, mixing the flavors of authentic Armenian heritage with the wild energy of New York City. Expect a vibrant fusion that celebrates diversity while we raise the roof and funds for AnimalRights.NL. Join the party, and let’s dance with a purpose!

EG: Speaking about playing…What track has been doing the rounds the most in your recent sets? Why?

Arianna Danae: I’ve been rinsing Nathan Haines feat. Verna Francis’s ‘Earth Is The Place (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)’ in a lot of my sets, the bassline is very groovy and the vocal resonates with me over 20 years after its release.

“My performance will be a musical rollercoaster, mixing the flavors of authentic Armenian heritage with the wild energy of New York City”

EG: Speaking about tracks and music… What’s your favorite music memory?

Arianna Danae: When I played Boiler Room in my hometown of Boston this year, was a special one for me because I was surrounded by my mom, sister, brother, and cousins! Definitely, a core memory I will cherish forever.

EG: What are three essential items you always carry in your DJ bag?

Arianna Danae: Music and headphones obviously, but I always have some candy on hand. That’s not code for something, actual candy because I have a serious sugar addiction (laughter).

EG: Finally, what’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to at Electronic Groove’s ADE Week event this year?

Arianna Danae: Connecting with all of my industry friends and getting inspired by some talented artists!

EG: Thank you for your time, we can’t wait to catch up at our ADE Week event! See you soon!

Arianna Danae: Appreciate you having me EG, looking forward to October 19th!

Arianna Danae is set to perform at   Electronic Groove’s ADE Week. Get your tickets here.

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