Art With Me announces Dance With Me x AHABAJA

Art With Me announces Dance With Me x AHABAJA

With Black Coffee, Bedouin, LP Giobbi, Parallelle, Stavroz, and many more.

Photo credit: Art With Me – Website

Art With Me has announced their upcoming event, Dance With Me x AHABAJA. This collaboration will be held at Crania in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, from March 30th to April 1st.

Dance With Me x AHABAJA will showcase a thoughtfully curated lineup of artists and musicians, including Black Coffee, Bedouin, LP Giobbi, Parallelle (live), Stavroz (live), Carmel, Chambord (live), Cirque Noir, Crsto, David Hohme, Dark But GrayFacundo Mohrr, Gab Rhome, Gavlak, Golden, Illich Mujica, Jose NoventaJulia Sandstorm, Kozlow, Matt Caines, Mandrake, Roderic, Tolga, Tommy Raffa, and more artists yet to be announced.

A portion of the festival’s proceeds will be dedicated to supporting the Care With Me Foundation and the El Ganzo Community Center NonProfit, both of which are committed to assisting artists and promoting the arts.

The Art With Me team is renowned for organizing events across the globe that celebrate the beauty of the human experience through art, music, gastronomy, wellness, and connection.

For tickets, hotel accommodations, and travel tips, visit the official Art With Me website here.

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