Artist Of The Month: Frankey & Sandrino

Artist Of The Month: Frankey & Sandrino

In the labyrinthine cosmos of electronic soundscapes, Frankey & Sandrino stand as stalwarts of sonic innovation and artistic collaboration. Their musical journey, spanning over a decade, has traversed the industrial echoes of Essen to the pulsating heart of Berlin’s underground, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music scene. Join us as we celebrate our Artists Of The Month, the inimitable Frankey & Sandrino.

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 The genesis of Frankey & Sandrino’s partnership was a stroke of serendipity, with Frankey’s versatile multi-instrumentalism harmonizing seamlessly with Sandrino’s keen musical vision. Their meeting was a fusion of diverse musical backgrounds, with Frankey’s openness to exploration complementing Sandrino’s concrete vision of sound and direction. Fueled by mutual trust and boundless curiosity, they embarked on a shared voyage of sonic exploration, pushing the boundaries of their artistry with each creative revelation.

Frankey’s musical odyssey, enriched by his background in jazz and electronica, intertwines with Sandrino’s eclectic palette shaped by his heritage. Together, they transcend genre boundaries, blending elements of jazz, electronica, and avant-garde into a kaleidoscope of sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

The release of ‘Acamar’ in 2015 marked a seismic shift in Frankey & Sandrino’s trajectory, propelling them into the stratosphere of electronic music. Its haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms captivated audiences worldwide, earning them accolades and adulation from fans and critics alike. Yet, they remain steadfast in their commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, founding their own imprint, Sum Over Histories, and collaborating with like-minded artists and labels to explore new sonic territories.

In a world awash with noise and distraction, Frankey & Sandrino’s music serves as a guiding light of clarity and enlightenment. Their compositions reflect a deep-seated fascination with the unraveled mysteries of music and its profound impact on the human experience. With each sonic revelation, they inspire listeners to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation, forging connections that transcend language and culture.

In 2016, Frankey & Sandrino founded Sum Over Histories, a boutique label providing a platform for mutual musical passion and supporting emerging artists. With no fixed agenda, the label invites listeners to explore new sonic landscapes and engage with diverse perspectives, enriching the tapestry of electronic music with fresh voices and innovative sounds.

Today, Frankey & Sandrino’s fabled releases sit in iconic compilations such as Global Underground’s ‘Select’ series, or John Digweed’s ‘Quattro III’, and grace the catalogs of revered imprints, including Innervisions, Bedrock, fabric Records, Diynamic, Keinemusik, Crosstown Rebels, Watergate and more. Their latest collaboration finds the duo returning to Renaissance Records with the inimitable Nadia Ali for ‘I See You’, an entrancing affair laden with energy and the right amount of allure.

As they continue to explore the outer reaches of sonic possibility, Frankey & Sandrino remain unwavering in their commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Their journey is not just a quest for artistic excellence but a celebration of the boundless potential of human creativity. With each new composition, they invite listeners to join them on a voyage of discovery, reminding us that the true essence of music lies in its ability to inspire, uplift, and unite.

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