Associate Member Spotlight: Chordal – American Association of Independent Music

Associate Member Spotlight: Chordal – American Association of Independent Music

Chordal launches new suite of powerful solutions for music supervisors and media companies, putting independent music front and center.

What’s Chordal?
Chordal is the fastest growing discovery platform for the content industry, with hundreds of music supervisors now using their tools daily to better find and access music for an array of premium content. This is powered by their proprietary visual media based recommendations algorithms and thoughtful community-run curation. 

Unlike sync libraries that act as middlemen, Chordal empowers music rights holders to manage and track their catalog promotion themselves, connect in a novel way with their rights partners, and retain full control and visibility over their creative sync businesses. 

What’s New?
Until recently, the experience of using Chordal for a music supervisor or content professional has focused solely on discovery and communication with rights holders. 

Now, Chordal launches a full suite of solutions for music supervisors that introduces a compelling new twist on library and project management. The goal: Bring the content business even closer to the rights holders of their favorite music, from directly within their storage and sharing spaces.

How does it work?
Much of the music shared and received across current file management services has mismatched or incomplete metadata, missing or incomplete rights information, varying audio file qualities, and no connection to other related mixes or sub-mixes. To make matters messier, many rights parties repeatedly pitch the same music to the same people, resulting in massive duplication, data inconsistencies, and inflated storage costs overtime. 

What if the receiver only had one version of a file in their catalog, and you could guarantee that no matter what happened in the future, they would always know how to find its owner?

That’s the idea behind Chordal Suite for Music Supervisors and Media Companies. 

As music supervisors receive outside music in their new Chordal inboxes, (or upload them into their libraries directly), Chordal identifies and tags track matches in the official Chordal Explore marketplace. 

Users can quickly jump between their private library versions and the official versions. They can even merge their track with the official version and instantly gain access to the rights clearance parties, associated files which may help them with their project (instrumentals, stems, clean mixes…), and all AI analysis that has been done on the audio. This comes at zero cost to them, and improves their catalog search friendliness over time.

Of course, this matching process is avoided altogether if they find and save a song directly from the Official Chordal Explore.

So, how does this help an independent music company? 
Simply by having your music within the Chordal ecosystem, you are making it that much easier for a professional music user to connect the dots on your music when they want to use it for a project. No matter who they receive your file from, they’ll know you’re the owner, and can find you if they’re interested in using it.

Music supervisors can also directly invite music companies to project briefs for personalized submissions, and collaborate in realtime within their Chordal workspaces.

Deep Song Analysis and AI 
Alongside these new library and project management tools, Chordal launches a bevy of new proprietary AI solutions including: a groundbreaking song lyric analysis engine that enables anyone to search across catalogs based on song themes and meanings, 

…as well as a highly customizable advanced AI search that includes rights complexity measures, and localization tools to ensure relevant search results no matter a user’s country or language.

An Independent Music Partner
Chordal currently works with, and proudly advocates for some of the most revered independent rights holders in the world. This new feature suite will further Chordal’s mission to bring the content industry closer to the music they love. 

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