Associate Member Spotlight – Killphonic Rights – American Association of Independent Music

Associate Member Spotlight – Killphonic Rights – American Association of Independent Music

A global music publishing & neighboring rights company

Killphonic Rights is a modern music rights management company. We provide creative services and administer royalties for catalogs from independent labels, publishers, artists, and songwriters. We work closely with music supervisors to create opportunities in sync licensing and collect royalties directly from all major territories worldwide. Our technology makes it possible for us to be remarkably efficient, and fully transparent between music users and our clients. 

Royalty Collections
We are set apart by our worldwide direct collections and conflict resolution. Our data management has led to 40%-100% increase in revenue for some clients.

Creative Services
We have a dedicated and passionate team securing synchronization licenses, sharing briefs, and curating co-writing and recording sessions for our clients.

Administration Only
We offer artist-friendly publishing administration deals and artist-centered terms so our clients retain full ownership of their intellectual property and copyrights.

We work with labels including Sumerian (Bad Omens, Smashing Pumpkins, OmenXIII), CloudKid (Neoni, Besomorph), writers including Dani Poppitt (Cheat Codes, Sofi Tukker), Annaleise Schiersch (Marshmello, Chromeo), producers including Jonny Shorr (Bebe Rexha, Gayle, Upsahl), Spencer Thomson (Niall Horan, Moon Taxi), and artists including Ben Cooke (Young Guv, No Warning, Fucked Up), Garrett Seamans (carwash, Postcard Boy), and Ryan Kattner (Man Man, Mr. Heavenly).

We believe that songwriters have a right to access all of the royalties they are owed from their songs. You can sign up for collections-only services with the standard administration rate and a one-time sign up fee. Access the same technology our roster enjoys, including conflict resolution and direct collections worldwide.

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