Beatport celebrates 20th anniversary with BPXX

Beatport celebrates 20th anniversary with BPXX

Featuring special programming, events, and retrospectives that showcase two decades of dance music.

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Beatport, the global platform for DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts, has announced BPXX, a year-long celebration for their 20th anniversary. BPXX will feature special programming, events, and retrospectives from the past two decades of dance music, all centered around the theme ‘Music Is Unstoppable’

The BPXX Capsule digital web experience takes us on a journey through Beatport’s history, starting from their first uploaded track to their current initiatives that seamlessly integrate Beatport and Beatsource with DJ software and hardware. Since its inception in 2004, Beatport has solidified its position as the leader in the global music scene for DJs and producers. This journey has been marked by strategic acquisitions, including platforms like Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique for music creation, as well as tools for independent artists like ampsuite and LabelRadar. In 2023, Beatport expanded its portfolio by acquiring the dance music industry conference, International Music Summit Ibiza (IMS). With this, The Beatport Group now offers a comprehensive ecosystem for DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts.

“Before I joined as CEO, Beatport was the heartbeat of the dance music community, serving as the go-to source for music for DJs worldwide,” said Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group. “In 2024, we aim to celebrate the incredible artists and DJs who have fueled the rise of dance music, the dedicated fans who make it all possible, and the trailblazers who are shaping the future of the culture.”

As part of BPXX, the company is hosting various initiatives to celebrate dance music and its vibrant culture. In March, BPXX Int’l Women’s Month will be launched, featuring films and features highlighting women in the dance music industry. In April, Beatport will introduce BPXX Unstoppable @ IMS, shining a spotlight on the past, present, and future of Beatport’s ecosystem. IMS will also see the return of The Beatport Awards. Finally, in June, Beatport will celebrate BPXX Unstoppable Pride, honoring the significant contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community to dance music culture.

Experience the BPXX Capsule here.

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