Beats On Time presents IPI’s debut EP ‘Grand Marée’

Beats On Time presents IPI’s debut EP ‘Grand Marée’

This serves as the label’s final release in 2023.

Photo credit: IPI – Official

Beats On Time proudly introduces IPI, a talented artist who is half-Argentinian and half-German, as their newest addition to the label. His latest EP, titled ‘Grand Marée,’ features two captivating club-focused tracks that skillfully combine elements from the past and the future.

The release starts with the title track, ‘Grande Marée,’ where IPI’s production takes listeners on a sonic journey by blending infectious grooves with atmospheric elements. ‘Grand Marée’ showcases the producer’s unique style, characterized by edgy jams and innovative touches.

Listen to ‘Grand Marée’ below and download your copy here.

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