Beltran and Mandragora collaborate on ‘Moonlight’

Beltran and Mandragora collaborate on ‘Moonlight’

Out now via Revival New York.

Brazilian DJ/producer Beltran has teamed up with Mandragora to release ‘Moonlight’. The single is out now via the renowned label Revival New York.

With its catchy and psychedelic lead vocal, powerful kicks, deep sub-bass, and captivating synths, ‘Moonlight’ has already garnered attention from respected DJs such as Marco Carola, Luciano, and Dennis Cruz.

Beltran has been gaining recognition in the global music scene. His track ‘Smack Yo’ reached #1 on Beatport’s charts for Solid Grooves Raw. He has also released new tracks on Revival New York and remixed The Martinez Brothers and Tokischa’s anthem ‘Kilo’ on Cuttin’ Headz.

Listen to ‘Moonlight’ below and get your copy here.

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