Best of 2023: Symphonic Awards Winners

Best of 2023: Symphonic Awards Winners

We’re so excited to finally announce the winners for the 2023 Symphonic Awards! We have the pleasure of working with such incredible and talented musicians and record labels who strive all year long to be the best they can be. The Symphonic Awards are our way of annually recognizing their efforts. Cheers!

Artist of the Year

Symphonic Awards named Symphony artist of the year 2023.Symphonic Awards named Symphony artist of the year 2023.


“Armanii’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as he has received accolades from industry insiders and fellow artists alike. He has been praised for his smooth vocals, introspective lyrics, and catchy melodies, and has been featured in various music publications and online platforms. As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Armanii remains dedicated to his craft and to creating music that resonates with his listeners. With his unique sound and passion for creating meaningful music, he is poised to make a major impact in the music industry in the years to come.” // Discover more on Spotify…


Label of the Year

The Symphonic Awards label of the year for Enjou Little Symphony Records.The Symphonic Awards label of the year for Enjou Little Symphony Records.


Previously Little Symphony Records, newly revamped Enjou hit the scene earlier this year, but with the same core values of its predecessor. To help artists turn their passion into a viable career path, while offering support along the way. The new name, E-n-j-o-u,  represents the heart and the soul of their refreshed identity: a place where community, collaboration, and curiosity meet, fostering a place of musical innovation and creative exploration. // @enjoumusic


Video of the Year

Allaline Boss wins Video of the Year at the Symphonic Awards.Allaline Boss wins Video of the Year at the Symphonic Awards.

Alkaline – “Boss”


Best Marketing Campaign

A woman in a black dress with the words "best marketing campaign" attends the Symphonic Awards.A woman in a black dress with the words "best marketing campaign" attends the Symphonic Awards.

Laura Marano

“‘i may be an actress but i can’t fake how i feel’ is Laura Marano’s debut album, dropped on Sept. 15, 2023. Following Marano’s EP trilogy, her 23 track debut album featured 6 singles, 10 unreleased tracks and 7 interludes, revealing the singer/songwriter/actress’ most intimate experiences in love and in navigating the music and film industries for the past 20 years. The rollout included consistent and clever social media strategy, PR, and topped it off with an incredible release party in LA.

Laura’s previous singles, “The Valley” original and “The Valley” remix with Ellee Duke, landed on 20+ editorial playlists, including Spotify’s soda, Amazon’s Girl Squad, and Apple Music’s Freshening Up. “The Valley” was also supported on Apple Music’s Global Chart Show w/ Brooke Reese, Laura’s on-air interview on Z100’s The Elvis Duran Show, and performed live on the iHeart Radio float at the NYC Pride Parade (broadcast on WABC) In addition, she dropped music videos for 4 of the 6 singles, then touring the East coast and partnering with Propeller and Noise For Now, organizations who fight for trans care and reproductive rights, to reward fans with VIP tickets. // Discover more on Spotify…


Breakout Artist

2019 Symphonic Awards - breakout artist.2019 Symphonic Awards - breakout artist.


“Partyat4’s artistry allows him to combine rap and classic R&B effortlessly to establish his musical style and flow. This talent inevitably seeped into his bones at a young age, as he is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native. A ground that is known for producing artists with natural finesse and cool character. His name, originating from a mixtape he spontaneously dropped years ago, speaks to all those that encouraged him to pursue music from the beginning. From his school friend to his uncle and cousins, he knew a love for music would forever exist within him. This passion drives his desire to mix, produce, and write most of his tracks. He cherishes the opportunity music provides to be authentically himself.” // Discover more on Spotify…


Most Editorial Placements

Most symphonic editorial placements are the heavy.Most symphonic editorial placements are the heavy.

The Heavy

“The Heavy’s osmosis rise was swift. Within a year of their 2007 debut album Great Vengeance And Furious Fire the band made waves Stateside, tipped by the likes of Rolling Stone and SPIN, then a live performance of ‘How You Like Me Now?’ – the lead single from 2009’s The House That Dirt Built – on The Late Show With David Letterman punted them straight into the American psyche… The band expanded the scope and ambition of their sound over 2016’s Hurt & The Merciless and 2019’s Sons. They return in 2023 with their sixth album AMEN, an exhilarating maelstrom of ‘60s R&B riffs, horns, and gospel harmonies, which is set to be the freshest and most revitalized record in their canon yet.” // Discover more on Spotify…


Best Sync Placement

Best sync placement by Bryce Green at the Symphonic Awards.Best sync placement by Bryce Green at the Symphonic Awards.

Bryce Green

“Bryce Green is a rapper, singer, and hip-hop artist whose fierce lyricism bursts forth from the speakers like a Spartan warrior charging into battle. While his rap verses jab and weave, as if grappling in a death-match with unseen enemies, Bryce’s melodic singing seems to float above the fray, with all the grace of a seasoned R&B star. This “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” attitude, combined with his electrifying charisma, make Bryce one of the most exhilarating hip-hop artists to emerge on the scene in recent memory. Bryce has landed placements on Bel-Air, Peacock, HBO Max, Bally Sports, ABC, VH1, Hulu, Red Bull, and he’s not done yet. More to come!” // Discover more on Spotify…

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