Best of Canada 2023: Symphonic Awards Winners

Best of Canada 2023: Symphonic Awards Winners

We’re so excited to finally announce the winners for the 2023 Symphonic Awards! We have the pleasure of working with such incredible and talented musicians and record labels who strive all year long to be the best they can be. The Symphonic Awards are our way of annually recognizing their efforts. Cheers!

Breakout Artist

Allegra Jordyn

A woman is posing in front of a brick wall with the words'breakout artist'.A woman is posing in front of a brick wall with the words'breakout artist'.

“In the narrow space between reality and imagination, wisdom and curiosity, and pleasure and pain lives pop storyteller Allegra Jordyn. Brimming with emotional intensity and dramatic tension, her music holds a mirror to our deepest desires, flaws, and fears, and invites us to find the beauty within the darkness: “It’s a reminder of the inherent duality of good and bad within all of us.”… Self-assured yet vulnerable, the 8-track project explores how we are often our own worst enemies. Filled with elegant string arrangements, layered harmonies, and twangy electric guitars, the innovative production of this project works with Allegra’s hauntingly powerful vocals and descriptive writing to create art that is simultaneously modern and timeless.” // Discover more on Spotify…


Label of the Year

Higher Reign Music Group

The label of the higher region 2019.The label of the higher region 2019.

Higher Reign Music Group has become the new benchmark in the Canadian music industry as a dynamic and trending record company, regrouping a variety of hard-hitting record labels from different backgrounds, markets and genres under one unique and powerful banner.Combining high-quality products and services along with a wide-ranging expertise now valued by both national and international music industries, HR Music Group’s aim is clear: breaking long-lasting, successful acts that will compete, perform and leave their mark at an international level.

With its international team, Higher Reign Music’s imprint is a symbol of quality, creativity and trust all over the world.

Video of the Year

Lenni Kim – “Things I Want”

Leann kim's video of the year.Leann kim's video of the year.


Artist of the Year


Artist of the year 2019 - brandon.Artist of the year 2019 - brandon.

“Im an up & coming Canadian hip hop artist who has over 4 million streams & 100,000 followers. Most of this success has come to me in recent months. Music helps me deal with the traumas I’ve endured growing up & still face. If I don’t share my journey with you I feel like my life will be wasted. My intentions aren’t to glorify these topics I rap about such as Low Income Housing, Drugs, Crime, Violence, Anxiety, and Depression. Rather, I am speaking from past experiences to teach, inspire & give a voice to those who are unheard.” // Discover more on Spotify…


TikTok Star

Shawnee Kish 

Tikko star shawnee kish.Tikko star shawnee kish.

“Juno nominated fierce force of vocal ability, Shawnee Kish is a vocal powerhouse blended with soul and spirit aimed to use her voice and music for inspirational impact.” // Discover more on Spotify…

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