British Library showcases 500 years of black British music

British Library showcases 500 years of black British music

The exhibition will feature interviews, memorabilia, artworks, and musical instruments, alongside performances and talks by renowned artists.

The British Library is hosting ‘Beyond the Bassline: 500 Years of Black British Music’ from April 26th to August 26th, 2024. This exhibition will trace the history of Black music in the UK over 500 years, emphasizing the contributions of musicians and creatives across different genres.

The exhibition will include interviews with Fela Kuti and Shirley Bassey, memorabilia from significant musical locales, costumes, artworks, and musical instruments. It will also feature performances and talks from renowned artists and a special party in collaboration with No Signal Radio.

Curator Dr. Aleema Gray sees the exhibition as an opportunity to recognize the transformative impact of Black British music on British culture.

Tickets start at £15, with “Pay What You Can” days scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. Some events will be live-streamed online.

For additional information, visit the exhibition’s website here.

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