Brooklyn Sway presents N/UM’s new release ‘BKS-04’

Brooklyn Sway presents N/UM’s new release ‘BKS-04’

In collaboration with Ohm Hourani.

Photo credit:  Vladimir Radojicic

Brooklyn Sway, the renowned vinyl-only label based in New York, presents the latest release from the innovative live electronic trio, N/UM, in collaboration with Ohm Hourani titled ‘BKS-04’

The EP showcases two captivating tracks by N/UM, complemented by an extended composition from Ohm Hourani.

N/UM’s track ‘Our Way’ prominently features the iconic 1974 Arp String Ensemble, a hybrid instrument combining electronic organ and synthesizer elements. The second track, ‘Any Time,’ was recorded during their tour in India at the beach Club Chronicle (now called Glory) in Goa. Ohm’s contribution, ‘Diva,’ enthralls listeners with its playful vocal sample and hypnotic beat.

To commemorate their creative synergy, Brooklyn Sway presents original artwork by Cern, an internationally recognized New York City muralist and graffiti artist.

N/UM, renowned for their innovative improvised electronic live performances, combines classic analog instruments with modular synths and live vocals. Don’t miss N/UM’s captivating performances at the Cityfox Halloween Festival (Avant Gardner – Brooklyn, NY) on October 27th and the SAT Dome (Montreal, Canada) on October 28th of 2023.

Listen to ‘BKS-04’ below and grab your copy here.

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