Budapest’s Palo Canto unleashes sonic breeze with ‘West Wind’ video

Budapest’s Palo Canto unleashes sonic breeze with ‘West Wind’ video

Now available, along with a music video.

Photo credit: Palo Canto – Official

Budapest-based duo Palo Canto, consisting of Bertalan Toth and Peter Kedves, recently released their debut single ‘West Wind’ in the genre of indietronica. The single was mastered by Zino Mikorey in Berlin and is accompanied by a music video.

Inspired by indigenous medicine practices like burning palo santo, Palo Canto’s music aims to establish a connection between the audience and their inner world, invoking both dance and healing vibes. Their music combines organic and electronic elements, featuring guitar riffs, warm synths, ancient chants, smooth textures, and powerful beats.

The music video for ‘West Wind,’ directed by Liza Lukác, captures the essence of Palo Canto’s mission to elevate listeners to a state of self-transcendence.

Currently, Palo Canto is working on their first LP and reflecting on their musical journey, stating, “During the Covid lockdown era in 2020, we discovered a passion for organic electronic music. After sharing our favorite tracks, the idea of collaborating on music together emerged. We wrote numerous demos until we found our unique voice, ultimately selecting ‘West Wind’ as our debut song.”

Watch and listen to ‘West Wind’ below.

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