byDJBLVD presents ‘The Backrooms’ – Electronic Groove

byDJBLVD presents ‘The Backrooms’ – Electronic Groove

Out now via Smashing Trax.

Photo credit: byDJBLVD – Official

byDJBLVD has recently released his latest house track, titled ‘The Backrooms’. This single is now available through Smashing Trax, a sublabel of Pogo House Records.

The track begins with a strong and rhythmic beat, accompanied by processed vocal samples. As the song progresses, ‘The Backrooms’ adds a funky chordal line, uplifting piano hits, and a groovy bassline to create an engaging soundscape. To enhance its jazzy quality, a catchy melodic hook enters, accompanied by a spoken vocal sample that guides listeners through the breakdown.

‘The Backrooms’ signifies the next phase in byDJBLVD’s captivating musical journey. It offers a sonic adventure infused with his unique fusion of funk and jazz, while incorporating influences from garage music.

Listen to ‘The Backrooms’ below and get your copy here.

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