byDJBLVD unleashes new single ‘Life Without You’

byDJBLVD unleashes new single ‘Life Without You’

Out now via Las Olas Records.

Photo credit: byDJBLVD – Official

byDJBLVD, the producer from New York, is back with his latest tech house single entitled ‘Life Without You.’

The cut starts with a steady beat and groovy rhythmic details, gradually gaining momentum with vocal chops, catchy punchy pads, and a dynamic bassline. The track comes alive with a funky horn line, piano melody, and layered vocals, infusing the soundscape with a captivating and infectiously funky flavor.

With a distinctive sound, byDJBLVD is making an impact in electronic music. Combining funk, jazz, and soul, he has created a vibrant sonic identity.

Listen to ‘Life Without You’ below and get your copy here.

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