Caribou unveils first single in two years ‘Honey’

Caribou unveils first single in two years ‘Honey’

Alongside a music video featuring AI-made visuals.

Photo credit: Caribou – Facebook

Dan Snaith, also known as Caribou, has released his latest single ‘Honey’, marking his first release under this name in two years.

This new song has been subtly introduced to audiences over the past year, notably during his headline performance at the BBC Radio 6 festival at The Warehouse Project.

Also, a music video was released alongside the song ‘Honey’. It is inspired by the movements of flamingos, and features a series of psychedelic visuals created with artificial intelligence. Richard Kenworthy, a member of the creative collective Shynola, conceived this video.

In recent years, Snaith has performed under his other alias, Daphni. As Daphni, he has performed with Floating Points at Four Tet’s Under The K Bridge event. Daphni is also scheduled to perform at Coachella’s new electronic music stage, Quasar.

Watch and listen to ‘Honey’ below and download your copy here.

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