Celebrate the new year with Marc Romboy’s EG.969

Celebrate the new year with Marc Romboy’s EG.969

Featuring music by Len Faki, Raxon, the artist himself, and more.

Photo Credit: Natascha Romboy Photography

 Celebrating a fantastic 2023, which saw the release of his first club album in 15 years on Awesome Soundwave, an amazing remix package, and much, more, it is none other than Marc Romboy who steps up to the plate to deliver the blistering EG.969.

Wandering between genres celebrating tracks of old and new, Marc Romboy spellbindingly mixes some showstopping cuts by Ede, Len Faki, Harvey McKay, Raxon, Romboy himself, and more for a truly energetic outing to start the year the right way.

Listen to Marc Romboy’s EG.969 below, and find the mix  info here.

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