Celebrating 25 years with fabric25: Global tour phase 2 announced

Celebrating 25 years with fabric25: Global tour phase 2 announced

Including artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Anna Wall, Ben Klock, Ben UFO, Bobby., Christian AB, and others.

fabric25 is pleased to announce the phase 2  of its global tour as part of their 25th-anniversary celebrations. Building on the success of phase 1, they’re expanding fabric’s reach beyond their London base.

The team just announced nine new summer shows, including festival stage innovations and club gatherings. Locations span across Colombia, the United States, Spain, Albania, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The upcoming events are Project 6 in London on May 24th, Baum Festival in Bogotá on May 25th, FRRC, Loud–Contact, Zamna in Barcelona on June 14th, Glastonbury Festival in Somerset on June 30th, Junction 2 in London from July 26-28th, ION Festival in Dhërmi from September 4-11th, Amnesia in Ibiza on September 15th, a 24-hour party at Resolute in New York on September 28th, and finally on ADE in Amsterdam from October 16-20th.

The tour will feature a diverse group of artists such as Craig Richards, Francesco Dal Garda, Anna Wall, Ben Klock, Raresh, Hot Since 82, ZIP, Ben UFO, Bobby., Adam Ten, Airrica, Christian AB, and more.

For more information and tickets here.

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