Cevin Fisher feat. Angelica de No

Cevin Fisher feat. Angelica de No

Zanzibar legend Cevin Fisher is back on the rejuvenated Faith imprint for ‘Give Me My Pleasure’ with New York songstress Angelica de No in tow.

American house music maestro and chart-topping producer Cevin Fisher returns to Faith with a striking club-focussed original, ‘Give Me My Pleasure’, featuring NYC songstress Angelica de No. With roots in NYC’s expansive house music scene, including mentorships from legends Tony Humphries and Larry Levan, Cevin Fisher has since established himself as a one of the world’s most respected electronic producers. Featuring acidic squelches and a relentless bassline, ‘Give Me My Pleasure’ draws from the chart-topping producer’s vast industry experience experimenting with genre as Angelica de No’s distorted vocals give the club record a sultry yet twisted edge.

‘Give Me My Pleasure’ is out on Faith from October 6th, 2023. Pre order here.

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